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Untroubling diabetes

Sugarrr is a diabetes management assistant app powered by AI

Based on the latest scientific research, emerging technologies and personal experience of hundreds of users

* Available in next Sugarrr versions

The power of AI to improve diabetes control

Our advanced Machine Learning models carefully analyze your data, find patterns in your body's behavior and adapt to your unique needs. In two weeks of use, Sugarrr provides accurate analysis and recommendations personalized just for you

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Simple and clear Charts: monitor the change in glucose level and understand what affects it

Food, medicine, sleep, activity, their effects and duration will help you better understand your body

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The most advanced Management Indicators: keep track of how well you're controlling your condition and progress

GMI, TIR, TIH are calculated automatically and will help your doctor adjust treatment

Timely Reminders: just live your life, don't worry about forgetting to take your meds or renew your prescription

Set them up once, and the assistant will remind you what to do and when

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Convenient Diary: leave paper records in the past and store all the indicators in a secure application on your phone

Log all your measurements and activities - more data means more accurate information for your doc

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Easily Add Data: enter your readings effortlessly - manually or from third-party apps through Apple Health

And very soon, directly from the most popular sensors and transmitters

We're constantly improving Sugarrr. Answer the questions below about your personal diabetes management experience, and we will tailor the app and prioritize new features to suit your needs

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